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Biblical Arts Studies!

a project of  The Gift of Art

Definition and Philosophy of Biblical Arts Studies

Biblical Arts Studies can be defined as the exploration, investigation and analyses of the different manifestations of the creative arts found in the Bible. Through classes, workshops, lectures, seminars and creative arts projects we will explore the methodology, techniques and its relevance in contemporary society.

The curriculum is geared for creative individuals and people that love the arts who desire to have a Biblical foundation, understanding, and purpose for the arts. These workshops and seminars are for individuals who want to develop their artistic vision, purpose, talent, and skills as a creative instrument of worship, inspiration, healing and transformation.

Biblical Arts Studies' purpose is to empower people to become an artistic and innovative influence in their communities and art world. The mission is to transform lives with the redemptive message of Jesus Christ through the creative arts as an instrument of worship, inspiration, healing and transformation.

Content Source for Biblical Arts Studies

The content for this curriculum is derived from the Bible and Biblical arts’ studies. Biblical arts are the body of knowledge that includes the arts in the Bible, its purpose, manifestation, analyses and application to our contemporary world. Topics within this body of knowledge include the Bible as literature, the purpose of art, the artist’s calling and gifts, music, dance and poetry among others.

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